Things your should know about St. John’s, Canada

UntitledSt. John’s, Canada is known as the capital and largest city of the province  Newfoundland and Labrador in the country.  St. John’s is founded  year 1921. It is known as the oldest city in North America which is eastablished.

St. John’s says that first it was in honour of the Feast day of John the Baptist, second was the 1497 successful landing of John Cabot when he sailed into the area and third was in attribution to the fishing town in Basque who have the same name.

According to the report the “Communities in Boom: Canada’s Top Entrepreneurial Cities” in 2009 made by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business ranked the city as the best in Atlantic Canada.That’s why it is also one of the best place to start business.Moreover, Oil and gas industries have immensely aid the city’s financial state putting it among the world 19 World Energy Cities.
Economy and major employers: Different companies centred in oil and gas deposits are the major employers of the city. Second biggest employer, however, is The Memorial University of Newfoundland, or also known as the Memorial University. Other sectors that also raise the economy are the provincial government and civil services as well as the entrepreneur industry.

Things your should know about Calgary, Canada

Calgary is acity in the Canadian province of Alberta and it is the largest population in that province. If you are wondering how where does the name of this region came? Well it was named after Calgary – a helmet from west coast of Mull, Scotland.

Once you visted Ottawa and Tornto in Canada. Calgary is also a nice place to visit and drop by because there are also many interesting places that you will surely love to see.

One of the place that you need to see and set your destination is the Scotiabank Saddledome which  the primary indoor arena in the city of Calgary, Alberta.It is a very popular arena at it’s located in Stampede Grounds. This big arena host different concerts events and sports championship events.

If you want too see different animals in this place. We suggest visit their popular and most visited zoo which is “Calgary Zoo”. It is located in Bridgeland. Last 2015, the zoo was recognized by TripAdvisor with its Travellers’ Choice Award.

Looking for park then try to visit Canada Olympic Park. If you are traveling with your co-workers then you can try their summer challenge course coz there are many summer camps available in this place. Don’t also missed their awesome zip line.

There are really many beautiful places in Calgary. It’s just only up to what place you want to visit. We also recommend to drop by in this place Calgary Stampede, Lougheed House and Stephen Avenue.

Things your should know about Victoria,Vancouver Island

UntitledVictoria was recorded as one of the Pacific Northwest’s oldest cities in Vancouver. It’s located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

If you are going to this place here’s a landmark that might help you. It is near the Empress Hotel, The British Columbia Parliament Buildings and the second oldest Chinatown after San Francisco’s

Additional things that you should know about Victoria. It was named after the famous Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Victoria
Hailed names: Hailed as “The Garden City” and the “City of Newly Weds and Nearly Deads” for its phenomenal beauty very suitable for wedding and honeymoon destination as well as retirement getaways.
Economy and major employers: Known for its many attractions along with different night clubs, theatres, restaurants, cruise ships and pubs, the metropolis’ tourism industry have always been a major line of work for the population. Along with this industry is the technological sector that employs an estimated 13,000 hired workers. Moreover, investment and banking enterprise Canadian Forces and food products manufacturing are also major employers.

Colleges and Universities also take part in Victoria’s rising economy as it provides over 33,000 job positions for their faculties and staffs.

Things your should know about Vancouver, Canada

UntitledA place that you should visit first in Canada is the Vancouver. It is a very popular and beautiful place in the country.  It is also one the most populous city in Canadian province of British Columbia. It has 2.4M inhabitants that’s why it was also considered as the most populous metropolitan area in Canada.

Once you visit this place and take a vacation. Don’t miss to visit the following places below. Coz you will surely love and enjoy exploring the beautiful city.

One of the destination that you need to write on your travel note is First Narrows Bridge. It was known as Lions Gate Bridge and it connects City of Vancouver to North Vancouver.

If you are wondering why it was called “Lions Gate” it simply because term Lions Gate only refer to The Lions and a pair of mountain peaks. That’s why it was called “The Lions Gate”. The bridge only represents the gate.

After visiting the Lions Gate, another destination that you should also visit next is the Burrard Bridge. It has a five lane which there’s also a line for pedestrians and bicycles.

Stanley Park is also a nice park to visit in Vancouver coz it has a wide hectare public park. It borders the downtown of the city of Vancouver which almost surrounded by waters. It is also a nice place to set a travel destination.

Last, if you have Chinese friends who joins you traveling to Vancouver then you may also dropped to Chinatown of the city. It is the countries largest Chinatown that’s why you and your friend will surely love it.

After traveling to Vancouver don’t forget to bought some souvenirs for your friends.

Things your should know about Edmonton, Alberta,Canada

Edcity-of-edmonton2monton is a very nice place to travel in Canada. It is the second largest city in the country and it has an approximately 878,000 population last year 2014.

If you want to feed your mind with information, knowledge and cultures. Then visit this place because is a cultural, governmental and educational center.The condition of weather in this city has a humid continental climate and milder winder. That’s why it nice to travel in this place.

Once you visited this place, here are the popular place and monuments that you shouldn’t missed to visit.

If you are looking for different business ideas or you have a business interst then don’t forgot to visit Downtown Edmonton.  it is the central business district of Edmonton, Alberta.

When at night you will surely enjoy the beautiful lights coming from Downtown Edmonton. Low level bridge from 98 avenue would be the place to see the beautiful viewings.

Once you’re at Edmonton, don’t missed to experince the awesome view of the Edmonton’s High Level Bridge from the North Bank.

Also don’t a missed the Fort Edmonton Park which is a very popular attraction and Muttart Conservatory located in the North Saskatchewan river valley. If you love beautiful flowers and you are interested in different plants then you better set a schedule at Muttart Conservatory

You will surely enjoy traveling in Edmonton, Alberta,Canada. By the way, additional information if you will be a residence in this city then you will be called “Edmontonian”.

Things your should know about Ottawa, Canada

ottawaThe city of Ottawa is the main capital city of the country Canada. The number of population in Ottawa city is approximately 980,000 already. The city known as the fourth largest City in Canada.

There are also many places that you should not missed to visit in this city like the following below.

Centre Block on Parliament Hill is the main building of the Canadian parliamentary complex. It was located at at 111 Wellington Street in downtown Ottawa.

National War Memorial also known as the “The Response”. Where you will see a tall made of granite memorial arch which always guarded by two Ceremonial Guard sentries.

If you’re a traveller and a big fan of different arts then we suggest you visit National Gallery of Canada.

You should also not missed the The Rideau Canal which connects the city of Ottawa,Ontario. It was located at Ottawa river and connects it to Kingston,Ontario.

Last, don’t also forget to visit the very popular hotel Fairmont Château Laurier. Which is located near the intersection of Rideau st. Sussex Drive.

ottawaYou will surely enjoy traveling here in this city especially when you are with your love ones and family.


Things your should know about Toronto, Canada

TorontoToday we will be sharing you the things you should know about Toronto, Canada. If you are planning to travel in this City in Canada this information would be very helpful to you.

Toronto, Canada is most biggest population in the country of Canada with a population of 2.6 million. That’s why the city got the named as the fifth largest city in North America.

If you are a business minded and you want to start business in this city. It will be a good idea because of it’s population growth which means there would be more possible client. In addition, Toronto is also known as the international center of business. It was also known as worlds most multi-cultural and cosmopolitan.

Once you visited this city you shouldn’t missed see their popular place like the following.

CN Tower which is known as the Iconic tower with a revolving restaurant. It has a height of 553.33 meter hight which you will surely love to the viewings above.

If you are an Art lover then you shouldn’t also missed the art museum in Toronto, Ontario which is known as Art Gallery of Ontario.

But if you’re interest are creatures undersea then you should visit Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. It was located in down town of Toronto at 288 Bremner Boulevard Toronto, Ontario.

There are really many interesting places in Toronto, Canada that’s why once you go there you will surely enjoy.